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  About us

Customers always ask us if we are sisters, not because we look alike but because of the way we joke around, tease each other, and bicker just like sisters. This is what happens when you go into business with one of your closest college friends of 30 years. 

It all began about 10 years ago when we were on vacation with our families in Lake George.

We were talking about a way to make extra money to save for our kids' college and we came up with the 'brilliant idea' to sell candy at street fairs (since Jill was already in the candy business).

What seemed like a "sweet idea" wasn't so sweet. We realized that candy was not the business for us. We needed to sell something for which we had a passion. We both love jewelry & accessories. Our friends and co-workers always complimented

us on our jewelry.

We were a little apprehensive about selling at street fairs because there is so much competition.

but then we decided our unique style would enable us to stand out from the rest.

 And so there you have it- Jewelry by J&J was born!

Each piece in our selection is personally hand-picked by us. We search and search to bring affordable, versatile, trendy jewelry and accessories from all over the world to our customers. 

We literally agonize and debate each piece before we add them to our collection.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE what we do! Nothing makes us happier than when a customer tells us about all the compliments she received on a particular piece. 

We know that you will enjoy your shopping experience with us and all the compliments you will receive as well!

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